Sunday Morning Service

9:30 a.m. May 26

Pastor James Zekveld (Ambassador Can.Ref.Church of Niverville)

Pre-Service Selections: #403, #411

*Call to Worship
*Silent Prayer
*Votum and Salutation
*Opening Song: #68A: 1-3
Reading of God’s Law
Song of Response: # 43A
Assurance of Pardon
Prayer for Illumination
Scripture Reading: Isaiah 2:1-5, Ps. 48, Matthew 5:13-16.
*Song of Preparation: #68B

Sermon: The Lord Teaches us what the church is.
1. Salty
2. Bright

Prayer of Response
*Song of Response: #404:1,4,6
Congregational Prayer
*Doxology: #116B: 7-10