Sunday Afternoon Service

4:00 p.m. July 14

Elder Steve DeVries leading worship

Pre-Service Selections: #95C & #63B

*Call to Worship
*Silent Prayer
*Votum & Salutation
*Opening Song: #69B
Prayer of Illumination
Confessional Reading: LD 16 Q&A 44 (TPH pp. 879)
Scripture Reading: Mark 15: 33-39
*Song of Preparation: #352

Sermon “The Reality of Hell”
1) The Actual Manner of Christ’s Suffering;
2) The Personal Benefits of Christ’s Suffering.

Prayer of Response
*Song of Response: #496
*Confession of Faith: The Apostles Creed
(TPH p. 851)
Song: #341
Congregational Prayer
*Doxology: #89B : 1 & 9