A Prayer of Thanks for the Good News

“A prayer of thanks for the Good News”

Gracious heavenly Father, we draw near to You in thankfulness for Your amazing grace and condescension to us, through the working of Your Holy Spirit. Thank You for the Good News of Jesus Christ in a world of such discouraging and troubling news which is constantly 24/7 pushed into our faces so much so that we can so easily lose perspective. Help us to trust You and not be afraid. Give us the eyes of faith to see You. Keep our hearts calm and resigned at all times: humble, solemn and conformed to Your will. Help us not to worry, for worry does not add a single hour to our life span (Psalm 56:3; Luke 12:25).

You are a compassionate God – so gracious and compassionate that You sent Your only begotten Son into this world to die for sinners and to make us right with You. We thank for Your divine heart, as You yearned for Your people telling them to return to You. Your heart is the same. You ache over the sins of your covenant people – covenant breakers. O Lord refresh us with your presence. We pray that we would know Your heart – that You yearn for your people (Hosea 14:1-9).

We ask for Your help in all situations, not forgetting the many many ways that You help us and encourage us – both physically and spiritually. We praise for Your watchful care over us at all times. You are good and gracious. You fill us with good things in this life. You have answered us in our distress. You have brought comfort and relief. You have given us the strength to endure. Grant to us patience and endurance that we would not lose heart.

We are thankful, O Lord, that our lives are in Christ Jesus, the safest place to be. For not a hair from our head can fall, not a breath can be taken from our lungs, not a beat can be missed by our hearts apart from you sovereign purposes and pleasures. Take our hearts. Take our breath. Take our lives. And help us to be a people who are alive through Him – both young and old, a generation that serves Him (Lord’s Day 1, HC). In Jesus’ name, Amen

Pastor Rich Anjema