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2009-12-31 and 2010-01-01 New Year’s Eve Not yet available Listen New Years Day -FOREVER AND EVER! The Seventh Trumpet Signals the Glorious Consummation of Christ’s Eternal Kingdom Elder Sandy Siepman reading Rev.K.Davis– Lynwood Ill URC Listen
2009-12-27 Job Desires to Enter into a Covenantal Lawsuit With God -Job 9 Rev Joe Poppe Listen Do the Marks of Conversion Show Forth in Your Life? -1Samuel 15:1-26; Psalm 51:1-12 Rev J Poppe Listen
2009-12-25 Christmas Day – Through The Birth of a Child, God Gives to People in Darkness a Great Light -Isaiah 9:1-7; Isaiah 7:1-9; 2 Kings 18:1-8 Elder Bernie Bakker reading Rev C Bouwman Listen     Listen
2009-12-20 Gods Revelation in the Visit of the Magi -Malachi 1, Matthew 2:1-12 Elder Ken Cavers reading Rev. W. Bredenhof Listen SAVED TO SERVE -Romans 12:1-8; HCLD 32 Elder Tom Hordyk reading Rev. Keith Davis– Lynwood URC Listen
2009-12-13 THE LORD OF DAVIDS KEY -Isaiah 22, HCLD 31 Rev B Beukema Listen HE CAME: IN HIS FATHER’S NAME – John 5:43 Rev B Beukema Listen
2009-12-06 The Men who Found Christmas -Luke 2:1-20 Matthew 2:1-12 Elder Henry Nagtegaal reading Rev. James Boice Listen John Calls Us To Walk In God’s Light, So That We May Have Fellowship With Him -1John1 Rev J Poppe Listen
2009-11-29 The Coming of the Messiah: His coming, His titles of honour, His reign – Isaiah 8:1-9:7 Rev. A. Pol Listen Focus on the Glorified Christ: The Basis of the Lords Supper and Participation in the Lords Supper -Hebrews 9:11-28, H.C.L.D.30 Rev. A. Pol Listen
2009-11-22 The Grace of the LORD Triumphs in Babylon -Daniel 1 Rev A Bezuyen Listen Living Sacrafices – Romans 12:1-8 Rev Berry Beukema Listen
2009-10-15 THE LORD ASKS HIS CHILDREN TO THANK HIM FOR HIS REDEMPTIVE WORK IN HISTORY – Psalm 107:31,32,43 Elder Doug Tiel reading sermon by Rev. C. Bouwman Listen THE LORDs SUPPER: NO MAGIC FORMULA – Hebrews 10:1-18; John 15:1-11; HCLD 29 Elder Sandy Siepman reading sermon from Rev. Clarence Stam, CanRC Listen
2009-11-08 THE FATHER RECEIVES SONS HOME -Luke 15:20-24,28-32 Elder Tom Hordyk reading sermon from Rev. J. L. Van Popta Listen CHRIST NOURISHES OUR SOULS RICHLY AT HIS TABLE – Matthew 26:17-30; Exodus 12:1-14, HCLD 28 Elder Bernie Bakker reading sermon by Rev. C. Bouwman Listen
2009-11-01 God’s Word Brings Reformation – 2 Kings 22:1 – 23:25 Rev J Vander Kooi of Bethel URC in Calgary Listen HOW ARE YOU RIGHT WITH GOD/HOW TO GO HOME JUSTIFIED – Romans 8:1-4; Luke 18:9-14; Lord’s Day 23 Rev J Vander Kooi of Bethel URC in Calgary Listen
2009-10-25 TAKE COURAGE IN JESUS, LORD OVER DEMONS – Luke 8:26-39 Rev. P. Holtvluwer (CanRC) Listen SHOULD INFANTS, TOO, BE BAPTIZED? -Romans 4; Mark 10:13-16 HCLD 27 Rev. P. Holtvluwer (CanRC) Listen
2009-10-18 THE DEADLINESS OF SIN – Acts 4:32 – 5:11 Elder Sandy Siepman reading Rev. K. Davis (Lynwood, IL, URC) Listen THE COVENANT FAITHFULNESS OF JEHOVAH -Psalm 103; (Psalm 103:17-18 text); HCLD 26 Elder Henry Nagtegaal reading Rev. Harry VanDyken Listen
2009-10-12 Thanksgiving Day Service – Give Praise to the LORD, the Cloud Rider -Deuteronomy 11:8-21 Rev. J. Poppe (CanRC) Listen     Listen
2009-10-11 GODLY LIVES NEED GODLY MINDS- Philippians 3: 17 – 4:9 (Text: Phil 4:8-9) Elder Doug Tiel Reading Rev. A Veldman (Free Ref. Church of Australia) Listen The Slain Lamb Is Alive So He Must Be In The Center Of Your Faith -Genesis 15; Revelation 5; HCLD 25 Elder B. Bakker Reading Rev. T. Van Raalte (CanRC) Listen
2009-10-04 MORE THAN CONQUERORS -Phil 1:12-14,19,20 Elder Ken Cavers Reading Rev. D. Martin Lloyd-Jones Listen THE PLACE OF OUR GOOD WORKS IN OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD – Luke 17:1-10; Luke 18:9-14; Ephesians 2:1-10; HCLD 24 Elder T. Hordyk Reading Rev. W. Bredenhof (CanRC) Listen
2009-09-27 PRAISE GOD FOR THE SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS THAT ARE OURS IN CHRIST -Ephesians 1, Colossians 3:1-4; Ephesians 1:2-3 (text) Rev. G. Horner Listen GOD GRANTS CHRISTIANS TO BE RIGHTEOUS BEFORE HIM -HCLD 23 Rev. G. Horner Listen
2009-09-20 CHRIST, OUR HIGH PRIEST IN HEAVEN Hebrews 4:14 Elder H. Nagtegaal reading Rev. Richard Gaffin (OPC) Listen THE LIFE HEREAFTER -2 Corinthians 5:1-10; HCLD 22 Elder Doug Tiel reading Rev. Keith Davis Listen
2009-09-13 THE APOSTOLIC WARNING NOT TO LOVE THE WORLD Matt 6:19-24, John 17:6-19; 1John 2:15-17 Elder Doug. Tiel Reading Rev. A. Veldman (Free Reformed Church of Australia) Listen ANOTHER COUNSELOR” HCLD 20 Elder S. Siepman Reading Rev. Keith Davis (Lynwood, IL, URC)” Listen
2009-09-06 Jesus Teaches Us How to Inherit Eternal Life – Luke 10:21-31 Rev. D. Kok Listen The Fellowship of the Holy Catholic Church – Ps133, 1Jn1, HCLD 21 Rev. D. Kok Listen
2009-08-30 The Preacher Teaches To Guard Your Steps to the House of God With a Diligent Attitude – Eccl 5:1 Rev. K Jonker Listen Rejoice And Be Comforted! – 2Peter3, HCLD 19, Q/A 52 Rev. K. Jonker Listen
2009-08-23 The Elder Son – Luke 15:25-30 Elder Tom Hordyk reading Rev Van Popta Listen Faith in Christ’s Exalted Position Gives Us a Heavenly Life – Phil 2:1-18,3:12-4:1 HCLD 19 Q/A 50,51 Rev. K. Jonker Listen
2009-08-16 The Power of Righteousness – Romans 8:1,2 Elder Henry Nagtegaal reading Rev Dale VanDyke Listen The One True God Commands His Thankful People to Pray – 2 Samuel 7, Matthew 6:5-15, HCLD 45 Elder Bernie Bakker reading Rev. Wes Bredenhof Listen
2009-08-09 Not yet available Elder Doug Tiel Reading Listen Not yet available Elder Ken Cavers Reading Listen
2009-08-02 Our Christian Hope – 1Thessalonians 4 Rev. J Reaves Listen The Providence of God – Daniel 4 Rev. J Reaves Listen
2009-07-26 Not yet available Not yet available Listen Not yet available Not yet available Listen
2009-07-19 Not yet available Elder Henry Nagtegaal Reading Listen The Spoils of Victory (Christ’s Resurrection) H.C.L.D.17 Elder Sandy Siepman Reading Listen
2009-07-12 Paul Thanks God For How The Thessalonians Received the Gospel-1Thes2:1-16 Rev. F. Folkerts Listen God Pronounces Judgment on Sin and His Love in Christ -Canons of Dordt I, Art.1,2 Rev. F. Folkerts Listen
2009-07-05 Not yet available Elder Ken Cavers Reading Listen Not yet available Rev. K. Jonker (CanRC) Listen
2009-06-28 The LORD God taught Abraham the meaning of true sacrifice – Genesis 22:1-19, Hebrews 11:8-19 Rev. A. J. Pol (CanRC) Listen Remember Jesus Christ, who suffered and died on the cross – Galatians 3: 1-14, H.C.L.D.15 Rev. A J Pol Listen
2009-06-21 Return home and tell how much God has done for you – Luke 8:22-39 Elder Bernie Bakker reading Rev. Ted Van Raalte (CanRC) Listen Not yet available Not yet available Listen
2009-06-14 Thy Will be Done; Jonah 1:1-3, 3:1-5 Rev. E. Pennings Listen The Promise of Paradise Luke 23:26-43 Rev. E. Pennings Listen
2009-06-07 Not yet available Rev. J. Poppe Listen Not yet available Rev. den Hollander Listen
2009-05-31 Pentecost and Missions Elder Elder P. Wassenaar reading Rev. Adrian Dieleman-URC-Visalia,CA Listen In His High Priestly Prayer Jesus Teaches us how to Pray-John 17:9-23 Rev. J. Poppe Listen
2009-05-24 Anger in the Kingdom of Heaven Elder Henry Nagtegaal reading Rev. Todd Bordow-OPC Listen He is Lord! -H.C.L.D.13 Elder Sandy Siepman reading Rev. Keith Davis-Lynwood,IL,URC Listen
2009-05-21 Ascension Day Service Rev. denHollander Listen     Listen
2009-05-17 THE GOSPEL IN PARADISE-Genesis 3:1-19 Elder Bernie Bakker reading Rev. Henry Vander Kam Listen Jesus is the Christ – The Annointed of God -H.C.L.D.12 Elder Tom Hordyk reading Rev. Clarence Stam-CanRC Listen
2009-05-10 LITTLE CHILDREN FULLY BELONG TO THE LORD JESUS -Mark10:13-16 Rev. K. Jonker Listen THE ONLY SAVIOUR -H.C.L.D.11 Elder P. Wassenaar reading Rev. Clarence Stam Listen
2009-05-03 THE SON RETURNS – Theme -The Son having lost everything, returns. Luke15:14-20 Elder Tom Hordyk reading Rev. J.L. Van Popta Listen FAITH OR FEAR? Matt.6:24-34v Elder Sandy Siepman reading Rev. Keith Davis Listen
2009-04-26 A THREEFOLD BLESSING – Our Triune God grants us a threefold word of blessing.-Numbers 6:22-27 Rev. Dan Donovan Listen A GOOD CAUSE TO BE CONFIDENT – Theme: Scripture speaks of the future of the Church with confidence Rev. Dan Donovan Listen
2009-04-19 God the Son – H.C.L.D.13 Rev. Dan Donovan Listen God the Holy Spirit – H.C.L.D.20 Rev. Dan Donovan Listen
2009-04-12 RESURRECTION VICTORY The resurrection is unveiled as Gods ultimate gift of victory! – 1Cor15:50-58 Rev. Dan Donovan Listen God’s Messenger Proclaims the Gospel of the Resurrected Christ – Matthew 28:1-7 Rev. R.J. den Hollander Listen
2009-04-10 Good Friday Sermon Rev. Dan Donovan Listen     Listen
2009-04-05 The Messiah is coming -John 12:9-19 Elder Bernie Bakker reading sermon from Rev. Adrian Dieleman Listen A Mighty Fortress is our God -Psalm 46 Elder Henry Nagtegaal reading sermon by James M. Boice Listen
2009-03-29 GOD THE FATHER: God the Father is the First Person of the Trinity -H.C.L.D.9 QA26 Rev. Dan Donovan Listen THE OVERTHROW OF EARTHLY POWERS – The LORD tells us of His plans to overthrow the nations – Haggai 2:20-23 Rev. Dan Donovan Listen
2009-03-22 SING EXUBERANT PRAISES TO THE KING -Psalm 47 Elder P. Wassenaar reading Rev. Wes Bredenhof of Langley, BC CanRC Listen LIVE YOUR REDEEMED LIFE TO THE PRAISE OF GOD’s GLORY -H.C.L.D.33 Rev. K. Jonker Listen
2009-03-15 God proves the faithfulness and power of his word -Gen 45:26-46:5,28,29 Rev. Fred Folkerts Listen The Trinity: One God in three Persons -H.C.,L.D. 8 Rev Dan Donovan Listen
2009-03-08 True Faith in Jesus Christ: An Absolute Essential -H.C.,L.D.7 Rev Dan Donovan Listen Consider it! (God admonishes his people through an inquiry and it’s answer) -Haggai 2:10-19 Rev Dan Donovan Listen
2009-03-01 Salvation Through Satisfaction -H.C.,L.D.6 Rev Dan Donovan Listen Present promises and future expectations. -Haggai 2:1-9 Rev Dan Donovan Listen
2009-02-22 Spiritual Warfare. -Daniel 1 Elder Sandy Siepman reading Rev. Keith Davis -Lynwood IL Listen The wrong path and it’s consequences. -Psalm 2 lder Henry Nagtegaal reading Dr. James Boice Listen
2009-02-15 Encourage one another with the coming of the great reunion of Christ with his people. -1Thess.4:13-18 Rev Dan Donovan Listen Rejoice in the gospel message that nothing shall separate us from God’s love in Christ Jesus. -Romans 8:35-39 Rev K. Jonker Listen
2009-02-08 Satisfaction must be made for our sins -H.C.,L.D.5 Rev Dan Donovan Listen Remember my promise! -Haggai 1:12-15 Rev Dan Donovan Listen
2009-02-01 The Justice and Mercy of God -H.C.,L.D.4 Rev Dan Donovan Listen Consider Your Ways! -Haggai 1:3-15 Rev Dan Donovan Listen
2009-01-18 Alas! Spiritual curruption has come upon us! -H.C.,L.D.3 Rev Dan Donovan Listen The time has not come…Oh Really?? -Haggai 1:1-2 Part3 Rev Dan Donovan Listen
2009-01-18 The Law of God: A Teacher -H.C.L.D.2 Rev Dan Donovan Listen The Time has not come..”Oh REALLY??”-Haggai 1-2 Part2 Rev Dan Donovan Listen
2009-01-11 I Belong to Jesus Christ -H.C.L.D.1 Rev Dan Donovan Listen The Time has not come..”Oh REALLY??” -Haggai 1-2 Part1 Rev Dan Donovan Listen
2009-01-04 PARABLE OF THE TWO SONS Rev. J. L. Van Popta (CanRC) read by Elder Tom Hordyk Listen In Job’s second test, God comforts us with the sure knowledge that he is king over all and rules us by his fatherly hand Rev. J. Poppe Listen
2008-12-31 and 2009-01-01 The Last Day Rev Dan Donovan Listen The Promise of the Future Rev Dan Donovan Listen
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