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2014-12-31   Pastor Richard Anjema Listen SAFE IN THE LORD: a prayer to end 2014 – A picture of this safety, An assurance of this safety, Promises and conditions of this safety – Isaiah 40:27-41:10, Psalm 91 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-12-28 THE HISTORY OF GOD’S PEOPLE HAS MEANING THROUGH JESUS CHRIST – God exposes and fulfills our deepest need – Matthew 1:1-17, Text: Matthew 1:17 Dr. A J Pol Listen I BELIEVE IN GOD THE FATHER, ALMIGHTY – His power, His care – Psalm 104, Confessional Reading H.C.L.D. 9 Dr. A J Pol Listen
2014-12-25 HOW TO CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS – Be amazed at it, Ponder its meaning, Glorify the Lord for it – Luke 1:46-55, Luke 2:1-20; Text: vv. 17-20 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen   Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-12-21 GOD WITH US: THE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS – The Word was made flesh, He tabernacled among us, He reveals God to us – Scripture Reading: John 1:1-18, Text: John 1:14-18 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen THE GLORY OF KNOWING THE TRIUNE GOD – We are blessed in the Father, We are made rich in the Son, We are sealed in the Spirit – Scripture Reading: Ephesians 1:1-14, Text: Ephesians 1:3-14, Confessional Reading H.C.L.D. 8 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-12-14 CHRIST’S GLORY BRINGS LIFE – The witness to the Light, The purpose of the Light, The life in the true Light – John 1:19-28, Text: John 1:6-13 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen ABOUNDING GRACE – The rebellious, The remedy, The result – Isaiah 42:18-43:21 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-12-07 THE DIVINE WORD – The triumphant glory of the Son who existed – In the beginning, At creation, After the fall – John 1:1-3 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen TRUE FAITH – The necessity of faith, The nature of faith, The community of faith – Scripture Reading John 3:16-18, Text Hebrews 11:1-7, Confessional Reading H.C.L.D. 7 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-11-30 Are You Joined to the LORD? Where revelation must stand, why people naturally fall, why believers keep going – Psalm 1, 2Peter1:17-21, John 15:1-8 Elder Andy Bakker reading sermon by Rev Sjirk Bajema of the Reformed Churches of New Zealand Listen The Gospel Reveals God’s Blueprint for the Great Exchange – Who could make this exchange, what was involved with this exchange – Confessional Reading H.C.L.D. 6, Leviticus 16, 2Corinthians 5:9-21 Elder Tom Hordyk reading sermon by Rev. Stephen ‘t Hart, Free Reformed Church of Baldivis, Western Australia Listen
2014-11-23 THE PILGRIM’S PENITENCE – Titus 2:11-3:7, Text: Psalm 130 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen The Possibility of a Mediator – A question of great faith, An answer of great value – H.C.L.D. 5, Q & A 15, Scripture Reading: Matthew 15:21-31 Elder Brendan Toet reading sermon by Rev Joel Beeke Heritage Netherlands Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, MI Listen
2014-11-16 THE PILGRIM’S PERSEVERANCE: Christ’s church is hard pressed but not crushed – The pain endured, The pattern to follow, The price of hatred – Psalm 129 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen MAN’S SPOTLESS ORIGIN – He was made perfectly, He lived in a perfect world, He had a perfect relationship – Confessional Reading H.C.L.D. 3, Genesis 2:4-25, Text: Genesis 2:4-25 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-11-09 The Contrast Between Love and Hate – The Hatred of Cain and the World, The Love of Christ and the Church – 1 John 3, text 1 John 3:11-18 Elder Henry Nagtegaal reading Rev. Brian Cochran Listen The Son of Man Reveals the Final Sign of His coming – A World Wide Manifestation of His Glory, A World Wide Declaration of His Grace – Isaiah 13:1-13, Matthew 24:29-31, Text Matthew 24:29:31 Elder Peter Wassenaar reading Rev. Keith Davis, Lynewood Listen
2014-11-02 THE PILGRIM’S UNDERSTANDING OF BLESSING – Blessing announced, Blessing defined, Blessing given – Scripture Reading Psalm 128 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen KNOWING YOUR SINS AND MISERIES – we can only have true comfort by knowing our sin through the law – Wrong use of the law, Right use of the law – Scripture Reading 1 Timothy 1, Text 1 Timothy 1:3-11 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-10-26 The Urgency Of Following Jesus – Give up all your other comforts, Yield to one task only, Never look back – Scripture Reading: Luke 9:18-27, 46-62, Text: Luke 9:57-62 Elder Andy Bakker reading Rev. T. VanRaalte, CanRC Listen Life’s Little Detours – His crime, His flight, His preperation – Scripture Reading: Exodus 2:11-22 Elder Tom Hordyk reading Rev. Keith Davis Listen
2014-10-19 THE PILGRIM’S TEARS AND LAUGHTER – Scripture Reading Psalm 126 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen CHRISTIAN COMFORT – The sense of comfort, The source of comfort, The substance of comfort – Confessional Reading H.C.L.D 1, Scripture Reading Romans 8:28-39, Text II Corinthians 1:3-7 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-10-13 Thanksgiving Service – HIS MERCY ENDURES FOREVER – Psalm 30 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen     Listen
2014-10-12 THE PILGRIM’S MOTTO – Unless the Lord builds the house – Children are an inheritance, Children are a blessing – Scripture Reading Psalm 127 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen GOD’S FAITHFULNESS TO US – God is faithful because His Word is true, because He establishes us in Christ, because He has given His Spirit – Confessional Reading: Canons of Dordt 1st Head Art. 14, Scripture Reading II Corinthians 1:1-2:2, Text II Corinthians 1:18-22 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-10-05 COMMITMENT TO WORSHIPING AND SERVING GOD ACCEPTABLY – Our calling, Our motivation – Hebrews 12:18-29, Text: Hebrews 12:28-29 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen BE GLAD IN THE LORD, YOU RIGHTEOUS – The assurance of God’s mercy is…An incentive to godliness, A deterrent to carelessness, A means for joyfulness – Confessional Reading Canons of Dordt 5th Head, Arts. 12-15, Scripture Reading: Psalm 32, Text: Psalm 32:6-11 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-09-28 Praise God for His Preserving Grace – Ephesians 1:3-14, Text: Ephesians 1:11-14 Pastor Brian Cochran Listen The Hope, Confidence, and Power of Knowing God – Ephesians 1:15-23, Text: Ephesians 1:17-19 Pastor Brian Cochran Listen
2014-09-21 THE PILGRIM’S SECURITY – God encircles His people – The protector of Zion, The rod of Zion, The strength of Zion – Psalm 125 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen THE UNPARDONABLE SIN – What is the sin against the Holy Spirit? Who are the ones who commit this sin? How is the warning against it for our comfort? – Canons of Dordt 5th Head, Arts. 9-11, Scripture Reading: Matt.12:31,32; Heb. 5:12-6:12 Text: Hebrews 6:4-6 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-09-14 Sermon: “THE PILGRIM’S ‘WHAT IF?’ Faith recalls God’s presence in the midst of life’s hazards – What could have happened, What did happen – Psalm 124 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen THE PRESERVING GRACE OF GOD – Saints may fall into sin, Saints may hurt themselves by sin, Saints will never fall away from grace -Canons of Dordt 5th Head, Arts. 4-8, Scripture Reading Psalm 32, Text: Psalm 32:1-5 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-09-07 KYRIE ELEISON, A CRY FOR MERCY – In it we see – The plea through longing eyes, The prayer of apprehension, The patient spirit of submission – Psalm 123 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen A SALVATION TO REJOICE IN – The elect are given new birth, The elect have gained an indestructible inheritance, The elect are guarded by the power of God -Canons of Dordt 5th, Arts. 1-3, Scripture Reading: I Peter 1:1-21, Text: I Peter 1:3-5 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-08-31 THE PILGRIM’S JOY IN JERUSALEM – The prospect of worship, The purpose of worship, The permanence of worship – Scripture Reading: Psalm 122 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen EFFICACIOUS GRACE – The new birth is Indispensable, Incomprehensible, Irresistible – Confessional Reading: Canons of Dordt 3rd/4th Head, Arts. 11-13, Scripture Reading: Matthew 9:9-13, John 3:1-21 Text: John 3:1-8 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-08-24 A Precious Promise – Isaiah 43:22-44:8, Text: Isaiah 44:1-5 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen Clean Garments for the High Priest – Theme: How are you made righteous before God? – Scripture Reading: Zechariah 3, Confessional Reading, Heidelberg Catechism Lord’s Day 23 QA 60, Text: Zechariah 3:1-7 Elder Ken Cavers reading sermon by Rev. Keith. Davis Listen
2014-08-17 Christ Uses Peter’s Passionate Pentecost Preaching, Peter’s Message vs. 40, The Response vs 41 – Scripture Reading: Acts 2, Text: Acts 2:40-41 Elder Henry Nagtegaal reading Rev. Wes Bredenhof Listen The necessity of good works – Scripture Reading: James 2:14-24, Text: Lord’s Day 32 Elder Brendan Toet reading Dr. J. Beeke Listen
2014-08-10 Sent to bear Witness of the Light – Scripture Reading: John 1:1-13, Text: John 1:7 Rev. Ernie Langendoen Listen My King of Zion – Scripture Reading: Psalm 2, Text: Psalm 2:6 Rev. Ernie Langendoen Listen
2014-08-03 THE PILGRIM’S PSALM FOR SAFETY – The need for help, The nature of help – Psalm 121 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen TOTAL INABILITY – The bad news about man, The good news for man – Confessional Reading: Canons of Dordt 3rd/4th Head, Arts. 1-3, Scripture Reading: Ephesians 2:1-13, Text: Ephesians 2:1-5 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-07-27 THE DISTRESSED PILGRIM – The appeal, The answer, The approach – Psalm 120 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen FOR WHOM DID CHRIST TASTE DEATH? – The Shepherd knows His sheep, The Shepherd saves His sheep, The Shepherd seeks His sheep – Confessional Reading: Canons of Dordt 2nd Head, Arts. 8-9, Scripture Reading: John 10:7-30, Text: John 10:14-18 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-07-20 MY GOD IS RECONCILED – The nature of reconciliation, The objects of reconciliation, The ministry of reconciliation – Canons of Dordt 2nd Head, Arts. 1-5, Scripture Reading: II Corinthians 5:12-21, Text: II Corinthians 5:18-19 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen SIN’S SELF-DECEPTION – John proclaims that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all, To deny heretical teaching (v 8), To encourage faithful confession (v9) – Scripture Reading: 1 John 1:5-2:10, Text: 1 John 1:8-9 Pastor Todd deRooy Listen
2014-07-13 COMPROMISE WITH THE WORLD – Further reforms brought by the Lord’s servant – Decay that was uncovered, Discipline that was used, Devotion that was uttered – Nehemiah 13 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen THE PURPOSE OF GOD’S DECREE – To show His mercy, To display His power, To make known the riches of His glory – Romans 9, Confessional Reading: Canons of Dordt 1st Head, Arts. 15,18, Text: Romans 9:14-29 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-07-06 A JOYFUL DEDICATION: after the work was done, the Lord gathered His people to worship Him – Necessary preparation for this worship, Joyous participation in this worship, Kind provision of this worship – Nehemiah 12:27-47 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen A TRUE AWARENESS OF ELECTION – Discovering its root, Pursuing its fruit – I John 4:13-21, Confessional Reading: Canons of Dordt 1st Head, Arts. 12,13 RE 7, Text: I John 2:28-3:3 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-06-29 REVIVAL AND REVIVALISM PART 2 – The Lord leads His people to confession of sin – It is expressed with true sorrow, It is filled with an acknowledgement of God’s goodness, It is complete with renewed obedience – Nehemiah 9 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen GOD’S LOVE THROUGH HIS ELECTING GRACE – Election’s foundation, Its focus, Its goal – Ephesians 1, Confessional Reading: Canons of Dordt 1st Head, Arts. 6-8, Text: Ephesians 1:4-6 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-06-22 Reminders and Assurances of Holy Baptism – Christ Is the End of the Law – God Calls a People to Himself – The Regenerating Work of the Holy Spirit – Hebrews 10:1-18, Confessional Reference: Belgic Confession Article 34 Rev. John Vermeer of Oak Glen URC (Lansing, IL) Listen Reflecting God as Christians – In Speech, In Attitude, In Action – Ephesians 4:25-32 Rev. John Vermeer of Oak Glen URC (Lansing, IL) Listen
2014-06-15 CARICATURES OF CALVINISM – John 6:41-47, 10:22-30, II Thessalonians 2:13, 14, Confessional Reading: Canons of Dortd 1st Head, Arts. 1-5, RE 1,7 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen REVIVAL AND REVIVALISM – The Lord brings His people back to His Word – The centrality of the Word, The response to the Word – Nehemiah 8 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-06-08 GOD’S GRACE GENERATES MOSES’ PASSIONATE PENTECOST PRAYER – The work of the Holy Spirit – Numbers 11 Text: Numbers 11:29 Elder Tom Hordyk reading Dr. Wes Bredenhof, PRC, Hamilton, ON Listen THE GREATEST COMMANDMENT – Jesus brings good out of evil, Love as the fulfillment of the law, The totality of love, Close, yet not in the kingdom, True love inseparably connected to saving faithfulness – Matthew 22:34-40 Elder Peter Wassenaar reading Rev. Ted Gray, First URC, Oak Lawn, IL Listen
2014-06-01 THE PRAYER FOR SANCTIFICATION – We acknowledge our weakness, We ask for deliverance – Luke 22:39-62, Confessional Reading: H.C.L.D. 52 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen A CHARGE TO LEADERS – Be right with God, Shepherd the flock, Guard the flock – Luke 22:39-62, Confessional Reading: LD 5, Text: Matthew 6:13 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-05-29 THE ASCENSION: the close of Christ’s earthly ministry and the beginning of His heavenly ministry – We are under His continual blessing, We are called to constant praise – Psalm 47, Luke 24:36-43; Text: vv. 50-53 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen     Listen
2014-05-25 Our Lord Jesus shows us God’s patience is for bearing fruit. His patience: runs in the news, runs in the parable, ran out in 70 AD, may run out in 2014 AD – Luke 12:54 – 13:9 Rev. Steve Vandevelde, Carman East Can.R.C. Listen Jesus Christ baptizes us into his name – The meaning of his name, the forgiveness in his name, the renewal in his name. – Acts 21:40-22:16, Confessional Reading H.C.L.D. 26 Rev. Steve Vandevelde, Carman East Can.R.C. Listen
2014-05-18 THE RETROFITTING OF ZION – The Lord motivates continued efforts to restore Jerusalem as a – Safe city. Settled city, Spirit-led city – Nehemiah 7:1-6, 66-73 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen A CRY FOR FORGIVENESS – What this petition means, What this petition implies – Ephesians 4:25-32, I John 1:5-2:14, Confessional Reading: H.C.L.D. 51 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-05-11 PRESSURES, PRIORITIES AND PRAYER – The Lord’s triumph over Satan’s additional attacks – Compromise through a truce, Slander through a letter, Intimidation through a prophet, Perseverance through God’s servant – Nehemiah 6 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen A CRY FOR SUSTENANCE – We see our need: ‘our daily bread’, We acknowledge our Source: ‘our Father, We make our request: ‘give us this day’ – II Kings 4:1-7; Matt. 6:25-34, Confessional Reading: H.C.L.D. 50 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-05-04 RICH MAN, POOR MAN – the Lord uses His servant to relieve the poor, Love lacking, Love required, Love exemplified – Nehemiah 5 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen YOUR WILL BE DONE – What are we not saying when we pray this? What are we saying when we pray this? How do we put away our own will and submit? – Psalm 119:25-48, Confessional Reading: H.C.L.D. 49Text: Matthew 6:10 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-04-27 UNDER ATTACK! The Lord causes the rebuilding to continue in the face of enemies – Satan’s minions, Security measures, Subsequent counter-moves – Nehemiah 4 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen YOUR KINGDOM COME – Whose kingdom is it? What is the kingdom? How does the kingdom come? – Matthew 4:17-25, 12:22-30, 13:44-52, Confessional Reading: H.C.L.D. 48 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-04-20 THE RISEN CHRIST – The significance of the resurrection is seen in – The stone rolled away, The messenger from God, The message to the women, The appearance of Jesus – Matthew 27:57-28:20, Text Matthew 28:1-10 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen THE GOSPEL IN A NUTSHELL: Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life – They must believe, I may believe, We do believe – John 3:1-21, H.C.L.D.7 Rev. den Hollander Listen
2014-04-18 Good Friday Service Information not yet available Pastor Richard Anjema Listen WICKED ACCUSATIONS AT THE CRUCIFIXION – From people of all walks of life, For every false reason, While Christ was forsaken by God – Mathew 27:1-54 Text Matthew 27:39-44 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-04-13 THE WICKED VINEGROWERS – In this parable, Jesus exposes the wickedness of Israel’s entrusted leaders – The greatest opportunity, The greatest sin, The greatest doom – Matthew 21:1-17 Text: Matthew 21:33-46 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen HALLOWED BE YOUR NAME – What it means to hallow God’s name, How we hallow God’s name – Numbers 20:1-13, Confessional Reading: H.C.L.D. 47, Text: Matthew 6:9b Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-04-06 THE LORD ENGAGES HIS PEOPLE – Working hard, Working in harmony, Working for history (‘His’ story) – Nehemiah 3 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen We address our God with the words “OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN” because it reminds us that God is our Heavenly Father and it reminds us that we are children of God – John 8:31-47; Gal. 4:4-7 Confessional Reading H.C.L.D. 46 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-03-30 God wrestles with Jacob and renames him “Israel” to prepare him to meet his brother Esau. We’ll see how Jacob prepares to meet Esau, God wrestles with Jacob, Israel receives God’s blessing. – Genesis 32 Rev. Joe Poppe Listen God desires His children to live in prayerful communion with Him. To pray as Christ commanded us – We must truly know God, we must be aware of our need and misery, we must expect all good through Christ alone. – 2 Corinthians 4, Belgic Confession Art. 26, LD 45 Rev. Joe Poppe Listen
2014-03-23 GOD WILL GIVE SUCCESS – Encouragement to serve the Lord – Authorization, Examination, Motivation, Determination – Nehemiah 2 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen THE CURE FOR UNLAWFUL DESIRES – What is coveting? What is contentment? How do we learn contentment? – Philippians 4, Philippians 4:10-13, H.C.L.D. 44 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-03-16 A VERY PRESENT HELP IN TROUBLE – Hard news given, Trouble felt, Blessings asked – Nehemiah 1 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen TELL THE TRUTH – What is bearing false witness? Why is it wrong? How can it be prevented? – Acts 5:1-11, text Exodus 20:16, H.C.L.D. 43 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-03-09 WHAT BELONGS TO ME BELONGS TO GOD – What is stealing? Why is it wrong? How can it be prevented? – Joshua 7, H.C.L.D. 42 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen THE SPIRIT OF LIFE, THE SPIRIT OF ADOPTION – The indwelling of the Spirit leads to dying to sin, The witness of the Spirit assures of sonship – Romans 8:1-17 Text: Romans 8:12-17 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-03-02 NO MORE PARABLES – The advantage of Christ’s departure from this world – Full clarity in Christ, Real joy in the midst of grief, Good cheer in tribulation – John 16, John 16:16-33 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen OUR SEXUALITY MATTERS TO GOD – The cost of sexual folly, The deadly sin of sexual lust, The strategy against sexual temptation – Proverbs 6:20-7:27, H.C.L.D. 41 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-02-23 JESUS THE GOOD SHEPHERD – His personality, His provision, His protection – John 10:1-21 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen NO UNLAWFUL KILLING – What is forbidden? What is commanded? – Numbers 35, IJohn 3:10-15, Confessional Reading: H.C.L.D. 40 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-02-16 THE VINE AND ITS BRANCHES – Glorifying God by abiding in Christ – The proof of discipleship through fruit bearing, The work of the Vinedresser, The joy of a disciple – John 15:1-11 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen HONOUR PARENTAL AUTHORITY – Why is this commandment given? How should you honour your parents? – H.C.L.D. 39 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-02-09 Giving Thanks Even When It Hurts – Job’s Fiery Trial – Job’s Faithful Response – Job 1 Elder Henry Nagtegaal reading Rev. Keith Davies Listen The Alpha and the Omega – The revelation of Jesus Christ, The central role of Christ, Christ in His post ascension glory – Rev. 1:4-20, Daniel 7:13-14 Elder Sandy Siepman reading Rev. K. Riddlebarger, Anaheim, CA, URC Listen
2014-02-02 THE TEN VIRGINS – The Lord’s coming…is delayed so we must not be distracted , will come without warning so we must be watchful, will be final so we must not be foolish – Matthew 25:1-13 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen A SONG FOR THE FESTIVE DAY OF REST – We have a day appointed for celebration, We have a God worthy of high and eternal thoughts, We have vigor and vitality in God’s house – Psalm 92, Confessional Reading H.C.L.D. 38 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-01-26 ROCK OR SAND – Two builders, Two foundations, The safe house – Matthew 7:1-29 Text: Matthew 7:24-27 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen EXALT THE LORD IN HOLINESS – Exalt the Lord for His awesome character, Exalt the Lord for His justice and goodness, Exalt the Lord for His mercy and nearness – H.C.L.D. 36, 37 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-01-19 THE TWO DEBTORS – Jesus teaches only when we are aware of our debt to God can we show loving gratitude to Christ – The people, The parable, The principles – Luke 7:36-50 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen HEZEKIAH AND THE SECOND COMMANDMENT – Faithful in destroying images, Faithful in restoring worship – 1 Kings 18:1-8, 2 Chronicles 29:1-19 – H.C.L.D. 35 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-01-12 THE PARABLE OF THE UNJUST JUDGE – In this parable Jesus says we must always pray and not lose heart – Why we are to pray, How we are to pray – Luke 18:1-8 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen THE FIRST COMMANDMENT AGAINST IDOLATRY – A royal folly, A real tragedy, A rightful test – I Kings 9:1-9, Ecclesiastes 2:1-11, H.C.L.D. 34 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2014-01-05 THE PARABLE OF THE TWO SONS – Luke 15:11-32 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen The essence of the Law, The properties of the Law, Our response to the Law – Exodus 34: 1-11, Romans 7: 7-12, H.C.L.D. 34 text: Romans 7: 12 Elder Peter Wassenaar reading sermon by Rev. W. Oord, Trinity Ref. Church in Lethbridge, AB Listen
2014-01-01 2013 New Year’s Eve: THE LORD’S TENDER PITY – How, Whom and Why God Pities – Isaiah 41:1-20, Psalm 103; Text: vv. 13-18 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen 2014 New Year’s Day: THE TALENTS – A PARABLE FOR THE NEW YEAR – In this parable, Jesus speaks about using our gifts – The servants, The significance, The Saviour – Matthew 25:14-30 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
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