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2018-12-31     Listen The Preacher issues a call to action in uncertain times. We’ll consider the content this call includes, the circumpection this call involves, the changing of the times for which this call begs. – Scripture reading Ecclesiastes 1:1-11, 12:9-14 Elder Bernie Bakker reading Dr. Wes Bredenhof Listen
2018-12-30 Put on Christ – Don’t look to the land of slavery, Look to the Lord who brought you into the land of promise – Scripture Reading Romans 3: 8-14, Deuteronomy 11 Pastor James Zekveld Listen In the midst of the Lord’s chastening seek his mercy – Scripture Reading: Hebrews 12:3-17, Psalm 6 Pastor James Zekveld Listen
2018-12-25 “A WONDERFUL DAY AT THE TEMPLE” – Simeon’s farewell, Anna’s testimony – Luke 2:1-40 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen     Listen
2018-12-23 “THE TRIUMPH OF SAMSON” – The foolishness of the Lord’s deliverer, The humiliation of Lord’s servant, The victory for the Lord’s honour – Scripture Reading: Judges 16 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen “Baptism symbolizes the washing away of our sins through God’s grace in Christ.” The washing away of our sins – It is signed and sealed by baptism, is granted by God’s grace in Christ, 3. is revealed in our new life in the Spirit – Confessional Reading: LD 26, Scripture Reading: 2 Kings 5 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2018-12-16 “THE SELFISHNESS OF SAMSON”, God’s secret working, God’s sign of strength, God’s salvation even through sin – Scripture Reading: Judges 14 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen “THE EMERGENCE OF SAMSON”, The Lord saves through a cruel prank, The Lord delivers despite spiritual lethargy, The Lord sustains His servant in need – Scripture Reading: Judges 15 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2018-12-09 “THE NATIVITY OF SAMSON” – The need for a judge, The promise of a ruler – Scripture Reading: Judges 13 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen “CHRIST’S FLESH AND BLOOD”, Actual nourishment, Absolutely necessary – Scripture Reading: John 6:48-59, Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 28 q/a 75,76 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2018-12-02 “TRUE SALVATION” – Its proclamation, Its reception, Its confirmation – Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 25, Scripture Reading: Romans 9:30-10:21 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen “A HOLY COMMUNITY” – The condition of a holy community, The function of a holy community – Acts 4:32-37 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2018-11-25 Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD that he might teach us his ways – 1. God raises his temple mount for world-wide worship 2. The nations stream to it to hear God’s Word 3. The LORD blesses the nations with peace and prosperity – Scripture Reading: John 4:1-30; Heb 12:18-24 Text: Micah 4:1-5 Rev. Rick Vanderhorst (Grace CanRC) Listen If God justifies us by grace alone through faith what does that mean for our works? We will see that our works 1. Do not give us a right standing before God 2. Are still rewarded by God’s grace 3. Flow from our faith in Christ -Scripture Reading: Galatians 2:1-3:6 Confessional Reading: LD 24 Rev. Rick Vanderhorst (Grace CanRC) Listen
2018-11-18 “SALVATION IN NO OTHER” There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved 1. Power in His name 2. Prayer in His name – Scripture Reading: Acts 4:1-31 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen “BY FAITH ALONE: HOW FAITH SAVES US” 1. The indictment 2. The proof – Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 23, Scripture Reading: Galatians 3:1-14 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2018-11-11 “SOMETHING BETTER THAN SILVER OR GOLD, Scripture Reading: Acts 3 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen Love’s Humility (Rev. Keith Davis) 1. The Shocking Depth of His Love 2. The Shameless Demonstration of His Love – Scripture Reading: John 13:1-17, Text John 13:1-3 Elder Henry Nagtegaal reading Rev. Keith Davis Listen
2018-11-04 “A MODEL CHURCH” – Christ’s fulfills the promise to build His church, 1. Growth in number, 2. Growth in the Lord – Scripture Reading: Acts 2:37-47 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen “OUR FAITH IN THE HEREAFTER” 1. Concerning the body and the soul 2. Concerning eternal life – Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 22, Scripture Reading: Isaiah 11:1-10 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2018-10-28 “PETER’S ‘THIS IS THAT’ SERMON” – 1. The explanation, 2. The proclamation – Scripture Reading: Acts 2:14-36 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen “GOD’S GIFT OF THE CHURCH” – 1. Our communion, 2. Our service, 3. Our love – Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 21, Scripture Reading: Romans 12 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2018-10-21     Listen “REPLACING THE TRAITOR” 1. The submission of the disciples, 2. The sad end of a disciple, 3. The selection of a disciple – Scripture Reading: Acts 1:12-26 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen
2018-10-14 “AN INTRODUCTION TO ‘THE ACTS’” 1. How should we read the book of Acts? 2. What does the book of Acts say to us today? – Scripture Reading: Luke 1:1-4; 24:44-49, Text: Acts 1:1-3 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen “THE FINAL STEP OF CHRIST’S EXALTATION” – Scripture Reading: Luke 21:1-36, Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 19 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2018-10-07 “THE GREAT COMMISSION” With the assurance of Christ’s authority and presence, the church is commanded: 1. To make disciples of the nations, 2. To baptize them in the name of the Triune God 3. To teach them everything Christ commanded – Scripture Reading: Acts 1:1-8, Text: Matthew 28:18-20 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen “CHRIST’S ASCENSION UNITES HEAVEN AND EARTH” = 1. His ascension has a great impact on history and on today, 2. His ascension benefits our daily lives, 3. His ascension anticipates His return – Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 18, Scripture Reading: Acts 1:9-14 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
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2018-09-16 “Faith Not Fear” (John 6:16-21) by Rev. Keith Davies Elder Steve DeVries reading Rev. Keith Davies Listen     Listen
2018-09-09     Listen     Listen
2018-09-02     Listen     Listen
2018-08-26 The Anguish of Chastisement 1. His initial approach to the problem 2.His increased understanding of humanity 3. His prayer for deliverance – Scripture reading Psalm 38,39 Elder Tom Hordyk reading Dr. Wes Brendenhof Listen Sermon: The Suffering of Christ in His Life 1. In His Childhood 2. In His Adulthood 3. In Our Place – Reading: H.C. Lord’s Day 15, Scripture Reading: Isaiah 52:13-53:12 Elder Henry Nagtegaal reading Pastor Brian Cochran Listen
2018-08-19 How precious is your steadfast love, O God! The only remedy for evil-doers, The wondrous delight of the saved – Scripture Reading John 1:1-18 Text Psalm 36 Rev. Peter Holtvluwer (Canadian Reformed Church Carman East) Listen Jesus shows the nature of his Kingdom 1.True Sabbath work 2.True Sabbath rest- scripture Reading Luke 4:14-43 Rev. Peter Holtvluwer (Canadian Reformed Church Carman East) Listen
2018-08-12 “Don’t You Worry Child – See heaven’s got a plan for you” 1. Brought to life, 2. Debt cancelled, 3. Enemies disarmed – Colossians 2:1-15 Elder Cornel Van Egmond reading Pastor John Wilson (OPC) Listen “God reveals the election of Israel”, In order to: 1. Encourage us in wholehearted obedience, 2. Give the church confidence in her mission – 1 Peter 1: 13-2:12, Deuteronomy 7 (Text: vs. 6-11) Pastor James Zekveld (CanRC) Listen
2018-08-05 Glorious Treasure in Common Vessels – Scripture Reading: 2 Corinthians 4:7-12; Jeremiah 1 Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 25 Pastor Todd deRooy Listen Seven Bowls: Fifth Bowl of Darkness – Revelation 16:1-11; Jeremiah 13:15-27 Pastor Todd deRooy Listen
2018-07-29 The conversion of Saul 1. Who called Saul? 2. Why was Saul called? – Acts 26:12-18 Rev Han Lee Listen The downfall of Gideon 1. Gideon’s sham rejection of Kingship 2. Gideon’s acceptance of gold earrings 3. Gideon’s acceptance of many wives – Deuteronomy 17:14-20 Text: Judges 8:22-9:6 Rev Han Lee Listen
2018-07-22 Missions as God sees it – Acts 17:1-9, 1 Thess 1 Text: Psalm 78 Rev Bill Green Listen Arise, Let the Work Begin – 1 Chronicles 22 Rev Bill Green Listen
2018-07-15 NA NA Listen Why the Virgin Birth Matters 1. Because It Is What the Bible Teaches 2. It Means We Have A Saviour from Our Sin – HCLD14 Elder Steve DeVries reading Pastor Cochran Listen
2018-07-08 Strength Renewed – Isaiah 40:27-31 Elder Gerald Steendam reading Rev. Ted Gray Listen The Comfort of confessing Christ as God’s only Son and our Lord 1. His unique Sonship 2. His precious Lordship – HCLD 13 Elder Brendan Toet reading Pastor Brian Cochran Listen
2018-07-01 The Jewish Religious Leaders Plot To Kill Jesus 1. The Contrasting Responses 2. The Worldy Concern 3. The Expedient Solution – John 11:38-57 Elder Henry Nagtegaal reading Pastor Keith Davis Listen Looking at Christ’s threefold office in His: 1. Humiliation 2. Exaltation – HCLD 12; Mark 6:1-6, Hebrews 1 Elder Bernie Bakker reading Dr. Wes Bredenhof Listen
2018-06-24 Ready to Give A Defense – 1 Peter 3:8–4:6 Elder Gil Hordyk reading Listen When God tests us, his goal is to build us up in our faith. Well consider: How God tests us. How we are called to believe his promises. How our faith is confirmed. – Genesis 22:1-19; Hebrews 11:1-2, 8-19, Text: Hebrews 11:17-19 Rev Joe Poppe (CanRC Winnipeg Grace) Listen
2018-06-17 The King Encourages Leaders in the Building of God’s House 1. Remember God’s Faithfulness 2. Seek the Lord 3. Arise and Build – Scripture Reading 1Chronicles 21:28- 22:19, Text 1 Chronicles 22:17-19 Pastor Bill Pols (URCNA Edmonton) Listen The True Beauty of God’s People – Theme: Only God’s Grace Gives Beauty To His People 1. The Beauty Of Christ 2. The Beauty Of Purifying Grace 3. The Beauty Of God’s Presence – Scripture Reading: Isaiah 3:13-4:6 – Text Isaiah 4:2-6 Rev Bill Pols (URCNA Edmonton) Listen
2018-06-10 Patient Endurance with Joy Scripture Reading: Colossians 1:1-18 Text: Colossians 1: 11-14 Elder Bernie Bakker reading Rev. Ted Gray Listen “Jesus the Name that Charms our Fears” – Scripture Reading: Matthew 1: 18-25 : Acts4; 11-12, Heidelberg Catechism: Lords Day 11 Elder Steve DeVries reading Pastor Brian Cochran Listen
2018-06-03 A Trustworthy Saying – 1 Timothy 4:9-16 (NIV) Elder Gerald Steendam reading Rev. Ted Gray (URCNA) Listen Embracing Providence. 1. Trust that God is in Control 2. Trust that God is good 3. Be Patient in adversity 4. Be Thankful in Prosperity 5. Be Confident in the future. – scripture reading: Ephesians 1:11, Romans 8:28, HCLD 10 Elder Brendan Toet reading Pastor Brian Cochran Listen
2018-05-27 Raising of Lazarus 1. His Deep Emotion 2. His Confident Prayer 3. His Graveside Instructions 4. His Life Giving Word Elder Henry Nagtegaal reading Rev. Keith Davis Listen Trusting in God our Father. 1.Because He is Almighty God 2. Because He is a Faithful Father. – HCLD 9 Elder Joe Ruiter reading Pastor Brian Cochran Listen
2018-05-20 Delighting in the Trinity – Its Biblical Basis; 2) Its Necessary Mystery; 3) Its Practical ImplicationsEphesians 1:3-14, Heidelberg Catechism: Lords Day 8 Elder Gil Hordyk reading Pastor Brian Cochran Listen NA NA Listen
2018-05-13 A woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. 1. The source of her strength. 2. The activities of her life. 3. The fruit of her works.Scripture Reading: Proverbs 31:10-31 Dr. Andrew J. Pol (Carman West Canadian Reformed Church) Listen Our faith rests in Jesus Christ, who is the power of God for our salvation 1) Christians are saved by believing a message 2) Christians find every blessing of salvation in Christ 3) Christians must believe the ‘foolish message of the gospelScripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 1:1-2:5, Confessional reading: LD 7 Pastor Rick Vanderhorst (Grace Canadian Reformed Church) Listen
2018-05-10 Scripture Reading: Acts 1:1-11 “Gazing into Heaven; the Ascension of Jesus Christ” Ascension Day Service Listen NA NA Listen
2018-05-06 How many times – Matt 18:21-35 Elder Gerald Steendam reading Rev. Keith Davies Listen Knowing Christ in His two natures 1) Why He must be truly man 2) Why He must be truly God – HCLD 6 Elder Brendan Toet reading Pastor Brian Cochran Listen
2018-04-29 The Resurrection and the Life, 1. The Mourners Grief, 2. The Saviors Salvation – John 11:17-37 Elder Henry Nagtegaal reading Rev. Keith Davis Listen Who are We? 1. We fall with Adam, 2. We rise with Christ -Scripture Reading: Romans 5:12-6:14, HCLD 5 Elder Gil Hordyk reading Rev. Reuben Bredenhof Listen
2018-04-22 Fighting Life’s ‘Little’ Battles (Rev. Keith Davis) 1. The Subtle Strategy against the Church (vs 1-7), 2.The Faithful Resistance of the Church (vs 8-14), 3.The Great Victory for the Church (vs 15-21) – Scripture reading Daniel 1 Elder Steve DeVries reading Rev. Keith Davis Listen The Justice and Mercy of God: 1. The Justice of God in Requiring Obedience, 2. The Justice of God in Punishing Disobedience, 3. The Mercy of God in Providing a Mediator – Scripture Reading: Genesis 1:26-31, Romans 5:12-21 Confessional Reading HCLD 4 Elder Joe Ruiter reading Pastor Brian Cochran Listen
2018-04-19 Scripture Reading: Matt 6: 1-15; HC Q/A 117, Prayer – Agriculture /VocationPrayer, Part I; Pray Truly, Prayer – Missions Part II; Pray Humbly, Prayer Church Family, Part III; Pray Confidently Prayer Day Service Listen NA NA Listen
2018-04-15 The Strange Love of Jesus (Rev. Keith Davis) The Lord allowed His dear friend to die 1.The friends illness 2.The intentional delay 3. The glorious purpose – Scripture Reading: John 11:1-16 Elder Henry Nagtegaal reading Rev. Keith Davis Listen “Where did Sin Come From?” Confessional Reading LD 3, Scripture Reading Romans 5:12-21 Elder Brendan Toet reading Pastor Brian Cochran Listen
2018-04-08 The Risen Christ: His Peace, Power and Purpose – Luke 24:36-49 Elder Joe Ruiter reading Pastor John Piper Listen Exposed By the Law – Confessional Reading: HCLD 2 Scripture Reading: Romans 3:9-20 Elder Gerald Steendam reading Pastor Brian Cochran Listen
2018-04-01 Great News on the First Day of the Week – Mark 16:1 – 11 Elder Bernie Bakker reading Rev. Reuben Bredenhof Listen Our only comfort is in Gods wonder-working Love: 1. Its a Love thats not deserved, 2. Its a Love that cost Him dearly, 3. Its a Love that calls for Love – Confessional Reading: HCLD 1Scripture Reading: Romans 8: 18-39 Elder Gilbert Hordyk reading Pastor Brian Cochran Listen
2018-03-30 THE CRUCIFIXION OF CHRIST 1. Jesus crucified – His work of salvation 2. Jesus ridiculed – His prayer for forgiveness 3. Jesus implored – His grace to pardon – Luke 23:26-49 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen     Listen
2018-03-25 Stand firm therefore in your spiritual warfare. 1. Having girded your waist with truth. 2. Having put on the breastplate of righteousness. – Ephesians 6:10 – 20 Elder Bernie Bakker reading Rev. Fred Folkerts Listen In the Triune God is our full Comfort – The totality of the Son’s ownership, the perfection of the Father’s care, the completeness of the Spirit’s work Elder Gil Hordyk reading Rev Reuben Bredenhof Listen
2018-03-18 THE END OF THE BEGINNING The end of Genesis marks the beginning of hope. This is seen in: 1. Jacobs burial 2. Josephs hindsight 3. Josephs deathScripture Reading: Genesis 49:29-50:26 Pastor Anjema Listen BOTH GOD AND MAN 1. The reality of His two natures 2. The importance of His two natures – Confessional Reading: Belgic Conf. Art. 19 Scripture Reading: Colossians 2 Pastor Anjema Listen
2018-03-11 FAMOUS LAST WORDS Jacobs prophecy concerning his twelve sons: 1. The place of privilege lost 2. The preeminence of Judah 3. The position of the remaining tribes – Genesis 49:1-28 Pastor Anjema Listen DIVINE PREDESTINATION 1. Revealed clearly 2. Given for comfort – Belgic Confession Art 16, Romans 8:28-30 Pastor Anjema Listen
2018-03-04 PROSPERING IN EGYPT – Servants of Gods blessings in the world 1. Surviving within Egypt 2. Saving Egypt 3. Swearing oaths in Egypt – Genesis 47 Pastor Anjema Listen NA Pastor Anjema Listen
2018-02-25 The appointed time has grown very short. Take note of the: 1) urgency , 2) priority , 3) clarity – 2 Pet 3; 1 Cor 7:25-35 Pastor Steve Vandevelde (CanRC) Listen Pray that the Father gets the glory and attention his name deserves. It’s a prayer for: 1) God to glorify his name 2) me to glorify his name 3) everyone to glorify his name. – Lord’s Day 47 Pastor Steve Vandevelde (CanRC) Listen
2018-02-18 THE LONG STAY IN EGYPT BEGINS The unfolding promises of the Lord: 1. Gods promises repeated to Israel 2. Gods grace in giving Israel a large family 3. Gods care in uniting Israel with JosephScripture Reading: Genesis 45:16-46:34 Pastor Anjema Listen ORIGINAL SIN ACCORDING TO DAVID 1. A truthful assertion 2. A personal confession 3. An undeserved solutionConfessional Reading: Belgic Conf. Art. 15 Scripture Reading: Psalm 51 Pastor Anjema Listen
2018-02-11 RETURN OF THE BROTHERS The Lord brings unity through sacrifice and love: 1. The pressures of providence, 2. The sacrifices of humility, 3. The rousing of conscience – Genesis 43 Pastor Anjema Listen TRANSFORMATION IN EGYPT 1. Nothing is concealed from the Lord, 2. A changed life comes from a changed heart, 3. The Lord brings reconciliation – Confessional Reading: Belgic Conf. Art. 13, Scripture Reading: Genesis 44:1-45:15 Pastor Anjema Listen
2018-02-04 THE BEGINNING OF RECONCILIATION Unity restored by wisdom and grace: 1. Through providence, 2. Through testing, 3. Through grief – Genesis 42 Pastor Anjema Listen ANGELS 1. Who are they? 2. What do they do? Confessional Reading: Belgic Conf. Art. 12, Scripture Reading: Psalm 91, Hebrews 1:5-14 Pastor Anjema Listen
2018-01-28 Interact with each other as people who are of equal worth. 1. Avoid favouritism. 2. Show mercy. James 2:1-13 Dr. Andrew J. Pol Listen Faith without works is dead. 1. A dead faith illustrated. 2. A living faith illustrated. James 2:26 Dr. Andrew J. Pol Listen
2018-01-21 “CHRIST IN THE HOME” 1. Christ and your marriage 2. Christ and your family – Scripture Reading: Colossians 3:12-4:1 Text: Colossians 3:18-21 Pastor Anjema Listen We are children of God by adoption in Jesus Christ our Lord. 1. The Son sent by God 2. The children adopted by God 3. The children ransomed by the Son – Confessional Reading: LD13 Scripture Galatians 4:4-9 Pastor Han Lee Listen
2018-01-14 A GODLY MANS LIFE AT THE TOP The Lord makes Joseph fruitful in the land of affliction 1. Joseph exalted 2. Joseph blessed – Genesis 41:37-57 Pastor Anjema Listen THE HOLY SPIRIT 1. His Person 2. His PresenceBelgic Conf. Art. 11 Scripture Reading: Galatians 5:16-26, John 16:5-15 Pastor Anjema Listen
2018-01-07 GODS ELEVATION OF JOSEPH AS A WITNESS 1. Pharaohs dreams 2. The interpretation of Pharaohs dreams 3. Josephs rising – Genesis 41 Pastor Anjema Listen JESUS IS TRUE AND ETERNAL GOD 1. His power over demons 2. His love for sinners – Confessional Reading: Belgic Conf. Art. 10, Scripture Reading: Luke 8:26-39 Pastor Anjema Listen
2018-01-01 MARKS OF A TRANSFORMED LIFE 1.The mark of putting on the rightattire 2. The mark of love 3. The mark of the Word of Christ – Text: Colossians 3:12-17 Pastor Anjema Listen “MARKS OF A TRANSFORMED LIFE” 1. The mark of putting on the right ‘attire 2. The mark of love 3. The mark of the Word of Christ – Text: Colossians 3:12-17 Pastor Richard Anjema Listen