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2019 12 29 a.m. “Bear Right (part 2)” 1. Review 2. Bearing the Forgiveness 3. Strength for Forgiveness – Scripture Reading: Luke 17: 1-6, Colossians 3:5-17 Elder Cornel VanEgmond reading Pastor Jack Wilson (OPC) Listen
2019 12 29 p.m. “Still under construction” 1. We are called to build according to quality standards 2. We are called to build for a great reward – Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 3:10-17 Elder Brendan Toet reading Pastor Jason Tuinstra (URCNA) Listen
2019 12 25 a.m. “The good news of Christmas” Matthew 1:18-25 Luke 2:1-20 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019 12 22 a.m. “Why Jesus Came: to bring Light to a dark world” 1. The purpose of the Light 2. Life in the true Light – Scripture Reading: John 1:1-13 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019 12 22 p.m. “The exalted King” 1. His powerful reign 2. His spiritual reign – Scripture Reading: Psalm 110 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019 12 15 a.m. “Why Jesus came: to reveal His love” 1. Love is not rude 2. Love is strong – Scripture Reading: John 1:1-3,14-18; 13:1-5, Text: 1 Corinthians 13:5a, 7b-8a Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019 12 15 p.m. “The Lamb of God is seated on His throne in heaven” 1. What that means for Him 2. What that means for us – Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 18 Scripture Reading: Revelation 5 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019 12 08 a.m. “Why Jesus came: to bring peace” 1. He preaches peace 2. He creates peace 3. He is our peace – Scripture Reading: Luke 12:49-59 Text: Ephesians 2:14-18 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019 12 08 p.m. “Christ’s resurrection benefits us” 1. His resurrection and our justification (Rom. 4:23-25); 2. His resurrection and our sanctification (6:5-11); 3. His resurrection and our glorification (8:11) – Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 17,Scripture Reading: Romans 4:13-25, 6:5-11, 8:1-11 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019 12 01 a.m. “Why Jesus came: to bring peace” 1. He preaches peace 2. He creates peace 3. He is our peace – Scripture Reading: Luke 12:49-59 Text: Ephesians 2:14-18 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019 12 01 p.m. “Christ’s resurrection benefits us” 1. His resurrection and our justification (Rom. 4:23-25); 2. His resurrection and our sanctification (6:5-11); 3. His resurrection and our glorification (8:11) – Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 17,Scripture Reading: Romans 4:13-25, 6:5-11, 8:1-11 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-11-24 a.m. Our God opens the way to heavenly glory for his children. 1. His purpose 2. His providence – Scripture Reading: Romans 8:18-39 Dr Andrew Pol (Carman West Canadian Reformed Church) Listen
2019-11-24 p.m. The humiliating death and burial of our Saviour is good news for us. 1. Marvel at the depth of his humiliation 2. Embrace the fruit of his humiliation – Scripture Reading: Luke 22:39-46; 23:26-43, Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 16 Dr Andrew Pol (Carman West Canadian Reformed Church) Listen
2019-11-17 a.m. “The Lord adds labourers for the harvest” – 1. Trip made to strengthen disciples, 2. Training of a learned man – Scripture Reading: Acts 18:18-28 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-11-17 p.m. “What the Place of the Skull reveals” – 1. The cross displays what we deserve, 2. The cross proclaims what we receive – Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 15, Scripture Reading: Luke 23:26-43 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-11-10 a.m. ‘I am with you’: looking to the strength of the Lord” – 1. Hospitable hands 2. Rejection repeated 3. Christ’s comfort – Scripture Reading: Acts 18 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-11-10 p.m. “Our Mediator” – Our Savior did not refuse to be a man, Our savior does not stop being our Mediator – Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 14, Scripture Reading: 1 Timothy 2:1-7 Elder Brendan Toet reading Pastor Jason Tuinstra (Bethal URCNA Jenison, Michigan) Listen
2019-11-03 a.m. Our righteous standing before God – 1. The great exchange, 2. The full acquittal, 3. The true benefits – Scripture Reading: Romans 1:1-17, Text: Romans 1:17 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-11-03 p.m. Faith in the only begotten Son, our Lord – 1. Martha’s faith, 2. Mary’s faith – Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 13, Scripture Reading: John 11:17-32 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-10-27 a.m. Nebuchadnezzar learns the hard way that the Most High God loves humble kings: – 1) The king’s sin, 2) The king’s humiliation, 3) The king’s exaltation – Scripture Reading: Psalm 8, Daniel 4 Pastor Rick Vanderhorst (Grace CanRC Winnipeg) Listen
2019-10-27 p.m. The LORD fulfills his promise to bless all nations in Abraham through our great prophet, priest, and king, Jesus Christ. These blessings are 1) Illustrated in Old Testament Israel 2) Fulfilled in Jesus Christ 3) Continued through New Testament believers – Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 12, Scripture Reading: Genesis 12:1-3; Psalm 72:8-17; Zech 7:8-14; Acts 3:17-26 Pastor Rick Vanderhorst (Grace CanRC Winnipeg) Listen
2019-10-20 a.m. “On Mars Hill” – 1. Apostle Paul in Athens, 2. Address at the Areopagus, 3. Application to the ‘modern-day’ Athens -Scripture Reading: Acts 17:16-34 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-10-20 p.m. “A witness to Jesus as Saviour of the world” – 1. Radical commitment, 2. Complete change, 3. True excitement -Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 11, Scripture Reading: John 4:27-42 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-10-14 Thanksgiving “I will give thanks to the Lord!” – 1. For His works, 2. For His provisions, 3. For His mercies – Scripture Reading: Psalm 145, Psalm 111 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-10-13 a.m. “The effect and influence of God’s Word” – 1. Persuasion, 2. Jealousy, 3. Searching – Scripture Reading: Acts 17:1-15 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-10-13 p.m. “How long?” – 1. Questions asked in crisis, 2. Prayer voiced in concern, 3. Trust expressed in confidence – Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 10, Scripture Reading: Psalm 13 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-10-06 a.m. “comfort through hard times” – Scripture Reading: 2 Corinthians 1:1-11 Elder Steve DeVries reading sermon by Rev. Thomas Albaugh Listen
2019-10-06 p.m. ‘Christ The Builder’- 1 Jesus’ Commanding Word (vs. 9), 2 Jesus’ Encouraging Word (vs. 10), 3 Jesus’ Proclaiming Word (vs. 11) – Scripture Reading: I Cor. 1:18-31; Acts 18: 1-17; Tx. Acts 18:9-11 Elder Sandy Siepman reading sermon by Rev Shane Lems, Sunnyside, WA, URC Listen
2019-09-29 p.m. “Supplement your faith with knowledge and self-control” – 1) Grow in knowledge. 2) Persevere in godly self-control – Scripture Reading: 2 Peter 1: 1-11, Text: 2 Peter 1: 5,6,8 Elder Andy Bakker reading sermon by Rev. Stephen ‘t Hart of the Free Reformed Church of Australia Listen
2019-09-29 p.m. “Our God made the world in which we live” – 1. The Majesty of the Creator, 2. The Comfort of the Creator, 3. Our care for His creation – Confessional Reading: Lords Day #9, Scripture reading: Genesis 1:1-23, Matthew 6:19-34 Elder Tom Hordyk reading sermon by Rev. C. Bouwman of Smithville Canadian Reformed Church, Ontario Listen
2019-09-22 a.m. “Be strengthened in the Lord” – 1. A call to combat, 2. Dress suitably, 3. Advance with your weapons – Scripture Reading: Ephesians 6:10-18 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-09-22 p.m. “Encouraged and established in the Triune God” – 1. Summoned by the Father’s election, 2. Saved for the Son’s glory, 3. Supported in the Spirit’s sanctification – Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 8, Scripture Reading: 2 Thess. 2:13-17 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-09-15 a.m. “The extension of the church in Philippi” – Christ’s supremacy seen – 1. In the saving of a slave girl, 2. In the sacrament for a household, 3. In the significant extension of the covenant of grace – Scripture Reading: Acts 16:16-40 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-09-15 p.m. “The doorway of salvation by faith alone” – 1. Entered through narrowly, 2. Entered by community, 3. Entered for eternity – Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 7, Scripture Reading: Luke 13:22-30 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-09-08 a.m. “The Lord opened her heart” – 1. The sovereign guidance of divine grace, 2. The power of divine grace, 3. The reach of divine grace – Text: Acts 16:6-15 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-09-08 p.m. “The Gospel says there is no separation from God’s love” – Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 6, Scripture Reading: Romans 8:35-39 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-09-01 a.m. “The sovereign Lord brings His church from division to growth” – 1. The irritation, 2. The introduction – Scripture Reading: Acts 15:36-16:5 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-09-01 p.m. “Counting the high cost of deliverance” – 1. The futility of trusting in faulty payments, 2. The fate of those who trust themselves, 3. The full and necessary payment required -Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 5, Scripture Reading: Psalm 49 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-08-25 a.m. “The Jerusalem Council – Part 2” – 1. Decision, 2. Decree, 3. Development – Scripture Reading: Acts 15:19-41 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-08-25 p.m. “God abhors our sin” – Confessional Reading: LD 4, Scripture Reading: Psalm 5 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-08-18 a.m. “Massah, Meribah, and the Gospel” – 1. The people and how they raised the question, 2. God and how He answers the question – Scripture Reading: Exodus 17:1-7 Elder Brendan Toet reading Voddie Baucham Listen
2019-08-18 p.m. “Bear Right” – 1. Bearing With One Another, 2. Five Things Forgiveness is Not, 3. Three Things Forgiveness is. – Scripture Reading: Matthew 18: 15-35, Colossians 3:12-17 (text) Elder Cornel VanEgmond reading Pastor John Wilson (OPC) Listen
2019-08-11 a.m. “The Jerusalem Council – Part 1” 1. Dissension, 2. Debate, 3. Discussion – Scripture Reading: Acts 15 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-08-11 p.m. “Help, the world is full of fools” – 1. Man’s rejection, 2. God’s inspection, 3. Sin’s corruption – Confessional Reading: LD 3, Scripture Reading: Psalm 14 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-08-04 a.m. “The strengthening of saved souls” 1. Discipling 2. Exhorting 3. Appointing – Scripture Reading: Acts 14:21-28 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-08-04 p.m. “Help, Lord, for the godly have vanished” – 1. The plea for help 2. The promise of salvation – Confessional Reading: LD 2, Scripture Reading: Psalm 12 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-07-28 a.m. “A tale of three cities: Iconium, Lystra and Derbe” – 1. Proclamation of grace vs. poisoning of minds 2. Power in healing vs. false praise – Scripture Reading: Acts 14:1-20 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-07-28 p.m. “A catechism of comfort from a cave” 1. The confidence of belonging 2. The call to trust 3. The completeness of protection – confessional Reading: LD 1 Scripture Reading: Psalm 34 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-07-21 a.m. The Word of God is either an aroma of death – to death or an aroma of life to life 1. Resistance to the Word of the Lord 2. Removal of the saving light 3. Replacement by the Gentiles – Scripture Reading: Acts 13:13-52 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-07-21 p.m. The sixth petition – the protection of prayer – 1. We admit our weakness 2. We ask for deliverance – Confessional Reading: LD 52 Scripture Reading: Ephesians 6:10-20 Pastor Rich Anjema Listen
2019-07-14 a.m. “I AM the Resurrection and the Life” – John 11 Pastor James Folkerts Listen
2019-07-14 p.m. “The Reality of Hell” – The Actual Manner of Christ’s Suffering, The Personal Benefits of Christ’s Suffering. – Confessional Reading: LD 16 Q&A 44-Scripture Reading: Mark 15: 33-39 Elder Steve DeVries reading Pastor Keith Davis Listen
2019-07-07 a.m. Appreciating Your Parents in the Lord – By Listening to Them, For What They Give in the Lord – Proverbs 1:8-19 Pastor John Vermeer Listen
2019-07-07 p.m. Progressing in Christian Service – Despising the Self-Serving Approach, Taking Joy in Serving Vocationally for Christ, Taking Joy in a Selfless Approach – Confessional Reading: Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 42, Scripture Reading: John 12:1-8 Pastor John Vermeer Listen
2019-06-30 a.m. Be filled with the Holy Spirit! – 1) What this means 2) What this looks like – Scripture Reading: Eph 5:15-21 Pastor Steve Vandevelde – Denver ARC Listen
2019-06-30 p.m. “Our Lord Jesus teaches us to pray – Forgive us our debts…” This is the work of God the: 1) Father 2) Son 3) Holy Spirit Pastor Steve Vandevelde – Denver ARC Listen
2019-06-23 a.m. “Salvation belongs to the Lord” – Ephesians 2:8-9 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-06-23 p.m. “The Lord’s solemn charge” – Acts 20:28-38 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-06-16 a.m. The Lord extends His kingdom with the start of the missionary era – Commissioning of Paul & co., Confronting a pagan prophet, Conviction of the proconsul – Scripture Reading: Acts 12:25-13:12 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-06-16 p.m. The fourth petition – the provision of prayer” -The substance, The source, The supplication – Confessional Reading: LD 50 Scripture Reading: Luke 12:22-34 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-06-09 a.m. “The Holy Spirit” – The Helper, The Spirit of Truth – Scripture Reading: John 14:1-18 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-06-09 p.m. “The Lord’s Supper as proclamation, remembrance and nourishment” – 1. Why was the Lord’s Supper ordained? 2. Who may attend the Lord’s Supper? 3. What may communicants expect from the Lord’s Supper? – Confessional Reading: LD 30 q/a 81, 82, Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-06-02 a.m. The Lord with His saints is victorious over His enemies – His power over tyrants, His church will forever triumph – Scripture Reading: Acts 12:1-25 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-06-02 p.m. The third petition – the plan of prayer – Praying that we may do God’s will – Cheerfully, Constantly, Completely – Confessional Reading: LD 49, Scripture Reading: Hebrews 10:1-10 Psalm 119:25-40 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-05-26 a.m. The Lord teaches us what the church is. – 1. Salty 2. Bright – Scripture Reading: Isaiah 2:1-5, Ps. 48, Matthew 5:13-16. Pastor James Zekveld Listen
2019-05-26 p.m. Christ delivers us from the condemnation of the Law – 1. Law and Grace 2. Sin will have no dominion over you. – Scripture Reading: Ps. 85, Rom. 6:14-7:6 Pastor James Zekveld Listen
2019-05-19 a.m. An early Christian prayer meeting – Herod’s unexpected persecution, The church’s earnest prayer, The Lords extraordinary power – Scripture Reading: Acts 12:1-17 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-05-19 p.m. The second petition: the program of prayer – The growth of the kingdom, The coming of the kingdom – Confessional Reading LD 48, Scripture Reading: Luke 13:18-30; 18:15-17 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-05-12 a.m. Christ breaks down the barriers between nations (Part 2) – Gospel presented, Gentile Pentecost, Grace expounded – Scripture Reading: Acts 10:34-11:18 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-05-12 p.m. The first petition: the priority of prayer – The meaning of hallowing, The manner of hallowing – Confessional Reading: LD 47, Scripture Reading: 1 Kings 8:31-53, Psalm 76 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-05-05 a.m. Christ breaks down the barriers between nations (Part 1) – Divine preparation, Divine encounter – Scripture Reading: Acts 10:1-33 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-05-05 p.m. Trusting children in a heavenly Father – Our Father’s character, His Son’s unique revelation of His Father, His heavenly majesty – Confessional Reading: LD 46, Scripture Luke 11:2 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-04-28 a.m. When God’s goodness is hard to see, we might stumble in faith by envying the lives of non-Christians – God’s goodness questioned, God’s goodness vindicated, God’s goodness enjoyed – Scripture Reading: Psalm 73 Text: Psalm 73 Pastor Rick VanderHorst (Grace Canadian Reformed Church Winnipeg) Listen
2019-04-28 p.m. Believers have the beautiful privilege of speaking to God in prayer – Why we must pray, How we must pray, What we must pray for – Scripture Reading: Daniel 9:1-23a, Confessional Reading: LD 45 Pastor Rick VanderHorst (Grace Canadian Reformed Church Winnipeg) Listen
2019-04-21 a.m. Victory in Christ – The effects of the grave, The effects of the resurrection – Scripture Reading: Mark 15:42-16:8 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-04-21 p.m. The cure for unlawful desires – Kill covetousness, Cultivate contentment, Construct your life on Gods promises – Confessional Reading: LD 44, Scripture Reading: Psalm 19:7-14, Hebrews 13:5,6 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-04-19 a.m. Redemption Accomplished – The perfect sacrifice in Jesus crucifixion, The perfect atonement in Jesus death – Scripture Reading: Mark 15:21-41, Text: Mark 15:33-41 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-04-14 a.m. Three reflections on Palm Sunday – Recognize His rightful rule, Recognize His majesty, Recognize His judgment and Passion – Scripture Reading: Mark 11:1-11 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-04-14 p.m. No false testimony – What is forbidden? What is required? – Confessional Reading: LD 43, Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 19:15-21, Ephesians 4:17-32 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-04-07 a.m. Christs power at work in Lydda and Joppa – Powerful signs of full salvation, Valuable people in Gods kingdom – Scripture Reading: Acts 9:32-43 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-04-07 p.m. God and goods – What God forbids, What God requires – Confessional Reading: LD 42, Scripture Reading: Exodus 22:1-8; Luke 19:1-10 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-03-31 a.m. Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters – Venture to serve others boldly and generously, trusting God with the results. How are you doing? – Scripture Reading: Ecclesiastes 11:1-6 Pastor Brian Cochran Listen
2019-03-31 p.m. Rejoice and Remember Your Creator – Before you die, rejoice in your youth and remember your Creator. – Reality Check About Death, Rejoice in Your Youth, Remember Your Creator – Scripture Reading: Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:8 Brian Cochran Listen
2019-03-2 a.m.4 Saul in Damascus and Jerusalem – Amazing grace in conversion, Developing character for leadership, Building church fellowship in unity – Scripture Reading: Galatians 1:11-24 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-03-24 p.m. God and Purity – Loyalty to husband and wife, Purity in heart and body – Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 6:12-7:9, Confessional Reading: LD 41 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-03-17 a.m. An enemy conquered and overcome by Gods grace – The persecutor of the church, The encounter with Christ, The reaffirmation of (charis) grace – Scripture Reading: Acts 9:1-19 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-03-17 p.m. The sixth commandment explained What does it prohibit? What does it demand? – Confessional Reading: LD 40 Scripture Reading: James 4:1-12 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-03-10 a.m. Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch – The meeting, The reading, The washing – Scripture Reading: Isaiah 56:1-8, Text: Acts 8:26-40 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-03-10 p.m. The Lords Supper – Where it came from, What it represents – Scripture Reading: Mark 14:12-26, Confessional Reading: LD 29 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-03-03 a.m. Samaria, Simon and the Supremacy of Christ – The encounter between Philip and Simon, The confirmation of the work in Samaria, The opposition to Simon – Scripture Reading: Acts 8:1-25 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-03-03 p.m. The fifth commandment explained Who are your father and mother? How do you honour them? Are there limits to this commandment? What does this honouring practically look like? – Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 21:18-21, Romans 13:1-7, Confessional Reading: LD 39 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-02-24 a.m. How do you use your tongue?- It can be used for evil and for good – Scripture Reading James 3:1-12 Dr. Andrew J. Pol Listen
2019-02-24 p.m. The LORD gives us rest. Appreciate this rest!, Embrace this rest! Scripture Reading: Hebrews 3:1—4:13, Confessional Reading: Heid. Cat. LD 38 Dr. Andrew J. Pol Listen
2019-02-17 a.m. Stephen, the first Christian martyr – Like Christ in ministry, Like Christ in speech, Like Christ in death -Scripture Reading: Acts 6:8-7:60 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-02-17 p.m. The third commandment explained – The meaning of His name, The abuse of His name, The proper use of His name – Exodus 3:10-15; Ezekiel 36:16-21 Confessional Reading: LD 36 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-02-10 a.m. ‘The Lord’s preservation of His growing Church through seven servers’ – The frustration, The decision, The blessing – Scripture Reading Numbers 27:12-23, Text: Acts 6:1-7 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-02-10 p.m. ‘The second commandment violated’ – Jeroboam’s invention, The Lord’s admonition, Man’s reaction – Confessional Reading: LD 34, Scripture Reading: 1 Kings 12:25-13:10 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-02-03 a.m. ‘The Vision Of The Risen Christ’ – His glorious appearance, His reassuring message. Scripture Reading: Revelation 1:12-18 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-02-03 p.m. ‘The First Commandment Violated’ – The Lord hates idolatry, The Lord protects His witness, The Lord deflates any pride – Confessional Reading: LD 34, Scripture Reading: 2 Kings 1 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-01-27 a.m. ‘In the midst of the messiness of our lives the Sovereign LORD accomplishes his purposes.’ We’ll consider Our striving for happiness, God’s work of blessing us. – Text: Genesis 29:15-35 Pastor Joe Poppe Listen
2019-01-27 p.m. Prepare your heart for the coming of the Lord.’ We’ll consider The call to repent of your sins, The call to bear fruit in your lives -Confessional Reading: LD33, Scripture Reading: Luke 3:1-20 Pastor Joe Poppe Listen
2019-01-20 a.m. ‘CHRIST’S PROTECTION IN THE MIDST OF PERSECUTION’ – The council’s reaction, Gamaliel’s recommendation, The Apostles’ rejoicing – Acts 5:33-42 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-01-20 p.m. ‘RENEWED BY GRACE, MOTIVATED FOR GRATITUDE’ – The divine basis for good works, The helpful benefit of good works, The personal blessing of good works – Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 32, Scripture Reading: Titus 2:11-3:15 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-01-13 a.m. ‘THE CHURCH PERSECUTED AGAIN’ – The persecutors, The persistence – Acts 5:12-32 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-01-13 p.m. ‘TO PHILADELPHIA: CHRIST HOLDS THE KEYS’ – “I have opened the door’, ‘I will keep you’ -Confessional Reading: Lord’s Day 31, Scripture Reading: Revelation 3:7-13 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-01-06 a.m. ‘THE HOLY COMMUNITY – PART 2’ – The corruption to the holy community, The discipline exercised in the holy community, The result this had on the holy community – Acts 5:1-11 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-01-06 p.m. ‘BAPTISM AND ITS RECIPIENTS’ – Who should receive baptism?, What about the new covenant? – Genesis 17:1-8; Jeremiah 31:31-34; 1 Corinthians 7:10-16 Pastor Anjema Listen
2019-01-01 new year BLESSED NEW YEAR AND DON’T LOSE HEART – Psalm 91, James 5:7-11 Pastor Anjema Listen